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  1. Okay, sounds like I’ll be needing access to both boxes to do a bit a rewiring.
  2. Thank you, can the firmware be updated?
  3. Hi I’m about to start wiring my panel this weekend. The 12 zones on board are not going to be sufficient. I have therefore ordered a Rio 072 and a wireless c079-2 modules to expand the zone count. I am planning to use 17 wired zones and 2 wireless zones. I presume this will be possible as I am below the maximum 20 zone count. My panel is running v1.5 of the firmware. I am also planning to add the hardware to enable me to use the SelfMon app in the future. Any advice on the compatibility of the above with my system greatly appreciated
  4. Thank you for the advice, you’ve confirmed my suspicions. I’ll get it off the wall this weekend and test it on the bench. But sounds like I need a new box
  5. I am planning to borrow a set of ladders to check the tamper circuit and wiring at the weekend. Reading the instructions it would appear the internal battery needs to be enabled. Could this be the issue? The tamper line is providing 0v, confirmed by 12v reading between it and +12v. Could a defective internal battery be the problem? I also now realise the boxes should have their tamper circuits serialised. The rear box however is even less accessible than the front box (due to roof pitches on ground floor extensions making ladder access impossible). I was therefore planning to use the tamper line of the front bell to feed the 0v line of the rear bell. The tamper line of the rear bell would then go back to the alarm panel. I am also concerned the current load of both boxes may be too much for the panel. In which case I was planning to only connect the strobe on the rear box.
  6. I have measured the voltage and I do get 12v between these terminals.
  7. Hi All, I’ve finally gotten around to wiring out Honeywell Galaxy 20 alarm system. The Bell Boxes have been on the wall for about 3 yrs and were installed by our electrician. I decided it’ll be worth testing the bell boxes to confirm they are working as expected. The rear box is working, connected to 12v psu I get slow alternate flashing LEDs. I can then operate the strobe and sounder by grounding the appropriate wire. The front bell box however is not working. When connected to 12volts the sounder goes off for ~5secs and the left hand led flashes. Looking at the instructions this indicates a tamper fault. However if I measure the resistance between the tamper wire and 0v wire I get ~2.5ohm, which is almost identical to the rear box. Do you think this is actually a fault or could it be because the onboard battery needs charging? Unfortunately I do have a set of ladders to reach the bell box. Any advise great fully received Nick
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