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  1. It is a WW2 filter bunker in Inverness. 2 underground levels and about 50 rooms. It was used 24x7 during WW2, and hardended in the 90s (full NBC double air-locks etc) to allow high heid yins to hide until all the carnage of a nuke strike was over. 2 x 6 cylinder perkins engines driving 3-phase generators INSIDE the building - with their own air supply and separate air-locks (since the air was not filtered to NBC level) to keep the building running after the EMP. Bikes to keep the air circulating in the event of the power and the generators all failing! It served me well durin
  2. When I get the alarm in and checked out I will tell you! Right now only 1/2 of the building is being scanned.
  3. agreed; the date of 27th Feb 1991 appears on the THORN install quote - with an all-in price of £1015; Maint was £100 p.a. fixed price for 3 years. What you find in old documents....
  4. Mr Happy: Close, Nae keypad - somebody stole it! But since the place is secret I have lost it and need an extra day to hunt and find it. I suspect a happy week at and hour here and there will do - assuming the existing wiring still forms a circuit. GalaxyGuy: Thanks for the comment on Dimension and Flex. The kit is V old and as you say new PIRs are not expensive. I was more interested in the use of the three circuits (power,zone and tamper) rather than the 1-2 they use now.
  5. I have a inherited a security installation. The main board is U/S. I was planning to dismember the system and replace the controller with say a Honeywell Galaxy system. There is already a board like that elsewhere in the building. I would like to find out a little bit about the unit and the wiring before I take it out. It appears to be an ancient Thorn security system. Photo attached. Some sensors are new, some are ancient. The board appears to use 6 wires per device/circuit, with 2 for power and ground, so I guess 2 for detector (CCTx) and 2 for the anti-tamper (A/
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