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  1. Good idea using Links, but it doesn't appear to work. If I link the user, then that user's code cannot be used to cancel the alarm using the keypad, but the keyfob (which is only assigned to that user) still operates. So frustratingly, Links don't seem to do it
  2. The only thing in user options that comes near is the user level, but this only appears to affect the abililty to reset the system (rather than cancel the alarm). If I set the RF fob user to level 1, then the fob can be used to set the system, but not unset it... I want to use the fob to unset the system, but not if the system is in an alarm state.
  3. Sorry, I tried to edit this post, but failed
  4. I now have a couple of TCC8M fobs that work with the system, but I have a configuration issue on my Galaxy Flex20. I'd like to set the fobs up, so that they can be used to set and unset the system, but not be able to unset during an alarm condition. The idea behind this, is so that if the alarm is sounding, the only way to unset it would be to enter a valid user code in the keypad (e.g. so if an intruder found the fobs in the house, they would not be able to cancel the alarm). I've tried all the various options, but can't seem to get the system to do this.
  5. doh! My bad, thought Honeywell would live upto their promises!
  6. OK thanks, you've lost me now. Maybe a future project. Thank you anyway
  7. Honeywell say's it's configurable in loads of places eg https://www.security.honeywellhome.com/unitedkingdom/product-repository/tcpa2b-1-tcpa2b-domonial But it's not clear if that's Domonial or Galaxy. Their documents are not clear. I'm configured with selfmon, so I'll take a look at your suggestion, thank you
  8. Thanks, the TCPA2B works as a panic button, but Honeywell say it's configurable so that it can also set the alarm.... I just can't find anywhere that I can do that in my Flex 20 v3.52 panel. I can fine enable/disable panic, but nothing that will allow me to configure the buttons on the fob. Also I can't get the HS3FOB1N to work. It looks like the tcc8m might be my only option. I was hoping there would be others
  9. Hi, I have just installed a Galaxy Flex 20 (firmware 3.52) with C079-2 RF portal & ethernet board. It replaces an existing alarm system that was installed in the under stairs cupboard. I wanted to put a keypad near to the front door so that it was easy for my family to set / unset the alarm. Running wires to this location is not an option. Unfortunately, I can't find an RF Keypad. So I bought a TCPA2B remote keyfob, thinking I can programme it to set the system. The keyfob is registered to the system, but I can't find any way to program the buttons so I can use it to set
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