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  1. Hi, Thank you ! I've followed all your advices and it works now. - I've double checked the wire - I've restarted the Alarm system which reset the different outputs - and make sure 51.82 was on DC and 53 - output *99 was sell on strobe. @GalaxyGuy : in your last answer, you advised to replace the PCB if it was still not working. Do you know an online store where we could buy only the PCB ? I don't need it right now, but that's something always good to know Thank you for your help Have a nice week end CJGD
  2. Hi, Yes I did change 51.82 to change OP3 to: 2 (DC Output) Normally when I switch the polarity from Positive to Negative (or inversely) I should see immediately a drop (or inversely) in the voltage, like for OP1 and OP2. This is not yet the case here with my OP3, which is stuck at 13,86V no matter what I do. - I will double check my wires OP1/OP2/OP3 this week-end, and make sure they are not frayed - I will aslo share my settings and the results of my tests In the meantime, if you think at something else, do not hesitate
  3. Hi James, Still nothing. For now just a cable and I checked the voltage between the wire coming from 0V (from a zone) and OP3, both when the alarm is off, and when an intrusion has been detected I'll do some additional test, this time by connecting the 0V of the vertical block to the left of the outputs But I intend to connect OP3, (and perhaps the ouputs on the trigger module - A071-00-01 - as well) to a GSM Speech Dialler called "V2 GSM" by Pyronix , in order to report by call/sms an event like Fire, Fault, Alarm Confirmed and times to times I would connect a
  4. Hi al-yeti, Regarding OP3, I'll retry at home. but yes this is a bit surprising : ) regarding the module, this is correct. If I buy this card, OP1 and OP2 from the panel will have to be wired to the OP1 and OP2 on the card, but I would have 8 additional trigger outputs, which might (or not) act as a traditional OP1/2 output ? Thank you ! Have a nice day
  5. Good morning, I have a Galaxy Flex 020 at home. This panel has 3 outpouts (OP1,OP2,OP3) I'm using OP1 (for my bell) and OP2 (for my strobe and bell inside) OP3 was supposed to be a fully programmable output, but I didn't manage to make it work as OP2. Even if the function is set to "Strobe", and the polarity is set to "Positive", the OP3 delivers a voltage of about 12V, even if there is an alarm. From my understanding the voltage is supposed to drop at 0V like for OP1 and OP2 Do you have an idea what's going on ?
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