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  1. Yes lots thanks, I use them to take pop-shots at people trying to make me spend money. I'm not trying to poo-poo the entire of an upgrade and I get this is your trade and how you make a living but as an electronic design engineer I'm not just going to accept "it's old" as a reason to spend money which is why I wanted some further info, Thanks for your input though, the additional benefits of a new panel don't seem to justify the expense so I will indeed just leave it but I'll be sure to curse you heavily if it fails at 2am
  2. Thanks for the replies. So no easy way to get a prox then - that's fine. I'm not sure I understand the replace it replies though, why? Its perfectly functioning and I'm led to believe that the TS900 is a virtually bulletproof panel so give me some good reasoning why I should throw some money at it. Other then prox, what benefits / advancements have there been in alarm systems which can really justify any upgrade cost....
  3. Evening & seasons greetings I'm after some advice on an alarm system that's installed in my house (recently moved into). The current system is a TS900 with 3 LCD panels a node expander, 12 PIRS, 3 contact sensors and 4 fire detectors. The house also has a separate door access system with proximity readers - guess the previous owner was quite into his tech Given I have prox tags for the doors and that the primary panel's buttons seem not to be that responsive, it would be nice if the alarm system could be set/unset using them (like my previous house) when I repl
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