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  1. ADT are asking for £180, which is a lot for switching to stand alone which will probably take a few minutes. And difficult to pay this amount anyway as we have limited income due to the current covid situation, like a lot of persons. So we thought we 'll give a try to modify the alarm system ourselves. If anyone has any guidance or advise on how to switch an ADT alarm to stand alone mode, it would be very appreciated. We dont want to add any devices, just stop the alarm trying to reach ADT to keep the system as bell only. Thank you Ben
  2. Good morning all, We bought an ADT alarm (monitored system ) a few years ago and were told at the time by the salesman that it would be free to use our equipments as bell only alarm once the 18 months monitoring contract expires... Since we discovered that ADT are advising that they need to send an engineer (and charge quite a fortune for it!) to modify the system to be use as stand alone . I guess it just need to tell the alarm to stop trying to reach ADT network... Would any of you please know how to modify an ADT alarm to be used as a stand alone system ? Currently we can s
  3. Hello, Thank you for sharing your experience, we are in the same situation... we were told by an ADT salesman that we could use our alarm system as bell only for free after the end of our monitoring contract... now we discovered that ADT are charging quite a fortune to modify the system to work as stand alone ! Could you please give us further details on how you achieve to modify your alarm? What is "alarm install", an app? Hiw did you clear the error message on the alarm ? (We also have gsm net fail) ? What did the gsm unit look like? Thank you a lot in advance Ben
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