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  1. No we also use Remote Monitoring to ARC but this is our preferred option for ‘Audible’ systems
  2. I am an installer with over 200 Texecom Smartcom’s on clients premises. There is a major problem with Virgin broadband particularly over the last few weeks when they updated their systems to block unknown inbound traffic over their connections. It is affecting all manufacturers not just Texecom. we have about 12 clients with Virgin Hub 3 who have lost connectivity in the last few weeks. We have sorted some by adding all the Texecom server addresses onto clients ‘white lists’ but as soon as virgin do an update (which they seem to do weekly) the white lists are erased. We (and Texecom) are pulling their hair out. Clients will still receive notifications but not able to remotely arm systems etc as the inbound traffic into the SmartCom is blocked by Virgin. Pyronix and Orisec also having same issue!!!!!
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