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  1. Thanks for the responses, I have resolved two issues.... 1. Bell going off for no apparent reason. The bell box's are mounted on a garage wall made up of feather edge boarding and when I looked closely at the box that triggered the microswitch was quite loose so I suspect it was just a little movement in the boarding or warping over the years that triggered the alarm. To resolve this I have mounted the box and a piece of 1/2" ply so its on a flat surface and have adjusted the microswitch using the adjusting screw to ensure a positive closure. This will remove any possibility of
  2. In response to the other questions, it was professionally installed and serviced for the first couple of years and then the company went bust. However when they did service it they only checked the log, dusted the PIR's did a walk and bell test and from memory whole thing took about 20mins!! They never went near the bell box's!!
  3. Thanks for the response. Attached is a picture I took just so I had a reference for the wiring does this help? If not I can get a better picture tomorrow.
  4. Hi All, I have a garage with a Cooper Scantronic 9651 unit and two Pyronix Deltabell box's mounted on each end of the garage along with two control panels. It is all hardwired and was installed 10-12 years ago and has worked perfectly until recently. One Tuesday afternoon one of the Deltabells went off i.e. Strobe and Bell, I tried to reset it via the control panel but the panel was showing no alarm of any sort and would not stop the bell sounding. Finally after 15mins the bell stopped but the strobe continued. The strobe continued until the following Saturday when it
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