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  1. MrHappy and James were correct in stating that the the code I was provided with wasn't the Master Code nor the Engineer code and, when confronted by this, the company was suddenly able to produce a code that worked and which allowed me to change the Manager Master Code. They were previously insisting the situation could only be resolved by their engineer after a £95 call-out fee had been paid...I was able to resolve all of this in 5 minutes when the correct code was provided. So thanks again and I really appreciate everyone's efforts to help!
  2. Thanks MrHappy, thanks very much for the answer. When I press D I am asked to enter my own code and when I do so I get the following options - operate user outputs, change code, review logs, walk test, siren test, dial out menu and allow engineer menu. Separately, if I enter the engineer code I get other options as well - but none of these have the ability to add or edit users. Are you saying that there is a different code that is the system master code - which is different than my personal code and the engineer code - that would allow me to add/edit users so I need to try to find out what tha
  3. Hi, I have a new build house with a Pyronix Enforcer alarm installed but the regular Master Manager Mode (accessed via the D key) does not give me any options to add or edit users - that option seems to have been removed. I have some Pyronix key fobs already working on the system, but I wanted to add another one (as one was damaged)but don't know how to do that if the 'add/edit user' option is unavailable. I also have access to the Engineer code and can access the engineer menu, but can also not find any option there to 'add/edit users'. The company that installed the system originally charges
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