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  1. After my electrics tripped the other day the PIR sensor in my living room is constantly activated. Can anyone offer a solution to this? ADE Accenta+ System
  2. Why would you need to upgrade just because of a couple of false activations (in fact activations for no known reason)?

     A couple of false alarms from one sensor in a short time period could indicate a developing problem. Change the sensor their cheap enough (and easy enough to do). If on separate sensors then this might just be statistically random event.

    If you are looking at upgrading for different reasons (enhanced features etc) then identify the features your require (such as remote access) and find the product that provides these features. Provided it is a Graded product (suggest Grade 2 minimum) it is "good". Best is too subjective as some engineers favour one panel as best over other panels.

    Don't forget to upgrade detectors as well - these are the source devices and the cause of most false alarms if not correctly selected or positioned  

  3. If I am looking to upgrade my wired system is there a system which is seen as the best currently? The monitoring isn't essential. I've just had a couple of random activations with my current system which have I have had professionally checked but with no fault identified. I just want something reliable.
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice regarding upgrading my current Honeywell alarm system. The current system is wired with 4 pir sensors and two door contacts. I would ideally like a system which has app / mobile phone control / alerts. I have previously installed a couple of wireless DIY systems but would like to keep a wired system. However if there is a highly rated wireless system I'd consider that. I have read good things about the Enforcer v10 but the yearly cloud charge has put me off. Can anyone recommend a good system which may be suitable? I am happy to get
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