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  1. Thanks everybody for your assistance - I have identified a way forward now. Thank you all for your help.
  2. Thanks Al-yeti It worked fairly reliably - it just stopped working when we changed telephone supplier - but maybe it was switched off at the same time as our switch. I think as an interim we would use an open tap system - my google search didn't come up with anything other thab a brewery! What does TAP stand for?
  3. Odd that it was working in March 2020 then.
  4. Hi al-yeti. Number called by the Alarm is 07785499993. Old supplier Global 4 - new supplier BT - Worked OK up to switchover. I would have thought it unlikely that the number was disabled on the same day that we switched - especially since I can still ring it and get an answer from my mobile. Thanks
  5. Hello I help look after an alarm system in a community hall. This has a euro meridian system with a dialler module which sends a text to a couple of nominated numbers if the alarm is triggered. The alarm dials out to what I understand is a message centre. The problem is that we have recently changed our telecoms supplier and I am now seeing a 'Data Comms Error' which suggests that the alarm is unable to contact the messaging centre. I attempted to call this number from my home phone which give a number unobtainable tone. However if I call the access number from my mobile the phone an
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