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  1. Hi Mr Happy, thanks for your input have changed the insides & it works. Regards "old Tat" just because it's old if it is still serviceable you don't kick it off the wall. Obviously if you are a supplier you would recommend a new system but I paid GBP13.00 for the PIR. How much would a similar system be today to replace this one with 4 areas/ PIR'S.
  2. So if that is not the engineer code it could have been changed by the installer would that be correct? Any other way to change the programming?
  3. Thank you, What I have read in the installation manual is ####. I have entered my user code & then ####. Tried user code plus 81 for programming. I am at a loss now. Obviously something is wrong..
  4. I am trying to change a PIR into my Scantronic 500r system but all instructions are not working. Can anyone help. I have tried putting in my access code then 81 for programming mode nothing, then 82 for removal of a programmed area & still nothing. Any help would be gratefully appreciated..
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