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  1. Thanks for all of the replies to my post - I'm in the process of fitting a 4K primary system covering the main areas of the farm buildings and storage, and the original intent was to have an additional camera down the drive to capture vehicles as they enter. The difficulty arises from the fact that this camera would be more than 200m from the nvr, which begins to cause more problems that it's worth, so I decided to experiment with this old camera, as I can mount it about 100m from it's dvr and hopefully zoom in far enough to capture number plate details at distance. There is a straight section of driveway for maybe 60m, where vehicles will approach the camera head on, and the driveway is quite rough, so it's unlikely any vehicles will approach in excess of 20mph, so I don't think shutter speed will be an issue. I'll remove the ir block filter and fit a ir pass filter (blocking visible light), and have the ir illuminators on 24/7 - I suspect that depending on the distance it's set up for, the twin ir illuminators fitted may be too powerful, so I may just use one, or remove some single ir leds to suit. I'll report back if I have any success - or no success!
  2. Hi, new member, unsurprisingly with a query. I've acquired a Vista Vips18 ptz cctv camera, complete with ir illuminators, hoping to get it working to some extent, and fitting in on a mate's farm which will hopefully assist him to catch whoever keeps breaking in and running off with his kit. The camera's obviously quite old and was saved from going for scrap by the guy I bought it from, so he had no info on it, other than it was removed when an updated system was installed, so it hopefully works. I've looked fairly extensively online for info on the camera, but it seems to be very scarce, particularly when it comes to connecting it up. It has a bnc connector for the video, then a bunch of various coloured wires, all of them taped up except for a heavyweight blue and a white cable, which I assume is the power supply (24V ac @ 4/5A), and a lighter weight pair which are red and yellow (one of each) which I also assume is for connection to the ptz controller (the latter is not too important, as it's intended to remain in one spot to catch traffic entering his driveway a distance away). Does anyone know anything about these cameras, or have any info on them? Many thanks for plodding through that lot, Will.
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