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  1. Never mind! I was showing someone the problem and it started working correctly. Sorry to have wasted your time with my post. Bill
  2. I've just installed a new Vista 20P and I have programmed a motion detector as and Interior Follower, the front door as an Entry/Exit #1, and the motion won't trip the alarm. Both zones are in partition 1, and I'm arming in the Away mode. The motion shows up as a fault, on the keypad if it is activated prior to arming. This is what the keypad shows for each of the two zones: Door: Zn ZT P RC HW:RT 03 01 1 10 EL:1 Motion: Zn ZT P RC HW:RT 05 04 1 10 EL:1 I'm stumped on this and could really use some help. Thanks, Bill
  3. I'm a retired old guy from the physical security (Fire, Burglar, CCTV, Access Control, Etc.) industry. I started my career installing grade A burglar alarms with Diebold, in Atlanta, in 1970, then moved to Easter Idaho, where I serviced all Diebold equipment. I later worked for Mosler, then I was the director of the Protection Services department at Service Merchandise, then I was with LP at Dollar General. I finished my working life at Bass Security three years ago.
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