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  1. No, Thanks I will ask, I didn’t think there was such an option and surprised they didn’t go through this when they completed cancellation, but will give it a try.
  2. Not sure what you mean. I have had the system for over 18 months. Contract ended was continuously rolling. I cancelled the monitoring. Don’t think there is any other options ADT offer.
  3. Still need a working alarm just don’t need the monitored service.
  4. So defaulting the system will create problems? having the alarm working to arm everyday as it is currently is v important.
  5. Hi, no I don’t have the engineer code, I will see if ADT would give me it (doubt it highly though). You mentioned defaulting, so that can be done without the code? Could I do that or need to call professional in?
  6. Hi, I have recently cancelled subscription to ADT, now my pm360r alarm keypad beeps constantly and has an orange warning triangle and troubleshooting error of plnk communication error. does anyone know how to permanently clear this or just stop the beeping? I still need use of the alarm but stopping the beeping would be great. thanks
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