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  1. Can someone please clarify how to rewire the external sounder from the paragon to the Pyronix, i have attached the diagrams. I am assuming that Old Paragon [B+] & [B-] to Pyronix [B+] to [B-] respectively (easy ones) Old paragon [BA] to Pyronix [Bell] Old paragon [BT] to Pyronix [TR] Old paragon [STB+] to Pyronix [STB] Old paragon [-STB] to Pyronix [B-]
  2. I am looking to upgrade to Euro 46, reviewed all the instructions. However before i start tampering with the old setup. what is the best way to remove old panel without triggering the external siren. I do not have the engineers code and one of the external sirens is difficult to access at this moment
  3. Thanks Logan, yep was going to replace, just waiting for summer to change. Can you resend the link for a suitable replacement.
  4. Hi Logan I have attached the bell box picture, I want to use this to start, with the aim of replacing it later in the year. 1 other question, do you need to be an installer to use the home control app on Pyronix?
  5. Thanks for the info, I will get a picture tomorrow. I assume the recall was just a firmware update in the end? Do you believe the PIR's should be OK?
  6. Does any one know if there should be any issues with using the paragon wiring and external siren with the Pyronix Euro 46 (Note i do not want to use EOL for ease of fitting) . And when you purchase the Pyronix does it come with full instructions as there are limited downloads on the internet I want to use the same PIR's as well.
  7. Thanks, i will look into this one. We will be using the keypad the most as the panel is hidden
  8. It has the keypad on the panel and there is a remote key pad
  9. Mr Happy, i assume the Euro 46 is more advanced? however can the Euro 46 be DIY installed
  10. True! just wondering if other sites selling them have had a recall and are selling them with updated software
  11. Model - EURO46/S-UK-V10 Security warehouse website https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/catalog/intruder-alarm-c-36/security-control-panels-c-36_102/110-input-zone-small-c-36_102_101/pyronix-hyprid-euro-46-v10-panel-p-5449.html
  12. I am looking to replace a Paragon plus alarm with a newer model, currently looking at the Pyronix Euro 46, or Texecom Veritas excel In regards to the Pyronix, is this simple enough to do for DIY installer as there are limited instructions online, can you still use the home control app? or do you need to be a registered installer? On one of the sites there is a product recall, (*currently stock delays due to a software issue recall), therefore should you steer clear from these
  13. I may be getting rid of mine once I find a suitable alternative.
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