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  1. Many thanks for your advice, and for al-yeti's. The main system case is square. You've been great, I think I've got enough info to give it a go! Biggest faff is running the wire across the house. Thanks again for your quick and insightful responses :) Steve
  2. Good point. The manual says 9x5x, but having looked closer it says 9853/9752/9751..
  3. Thanks for that - we've got 2 radio expanders fitted (all the PIRs are wireless) - can I link to spare channels wirelessly?
  4. Anybody able to advise? We currently have 2 entry/exits with 9930s but have a 3rd entrance where we'd like to fit another keypad and create a 3rd entry/exit. Is it possible? And is there a way of doing this 3rd entry/exit without cabling back to the 9651? Cheers, Steve
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