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  1. a few years back my brother installed a Risco lightsys system for me , it all worked fine no problems. He didn't have time to install the IP module so a while back I tried to install it but it wouldn't work (probably some setting or other) so i just removed it from the main board. I then did a factory reset from the panel (don't ask me why it seemed like a good idea at the time) ever since then I have had the same issue where I cannot get into the start menu to do anything with the panel (see images) all i see are stars. Now these normally appear for a split second but it goes into the set up menu , now its just stuck there , i posted this on another forum but despite all the great help nothing seemed to work. I have removed all other wires and just wired up a single keypad and i have tried every dip switch combo to try to pick up the keypad address but to no success. The only other symptom I notice is that when i power up the system the LED1 (status) light goes green then it just blinks slightly but never stays solid green. I appreciate any help or pointers I can get .
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