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  1. Hi All i Just finished installing Alarm. installed one in my UK house hence wanting to use again I'm looking for someone (and i don't expect it for free) to take a look at my Wintex back up and tell me where i've gone wrong. (probably something silly) if you wish i'm happy to use team view. I have a Texecom Elite 88 with 3 expanders at the moment 3 key pads in house (Prox type) but will be increasing to 5 when they arrive . (To be added- garage & outbuilding ) just waiting for them to arrive There are 29 zones ,PIR's & contacts. All zones show secure All doors chime, but i cant get alarm to set i would like a day night Part arm set also but not set up this bit yet. I'm not in UK so getting help here is zero I brought all equipment with me from UK Pics of install available too cheers
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