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  1. tx all. will research. rats. cats. squirrels. my feet. wifes ar $e there is nothing he won't go for lol. but I love him to bits..for some strange reason.
  2. thats what i did Al, but the Yale is a Shiece of Pit! it doesnt have a wired sounder and it doesnt have the range of accessories and its not for me I guess i will just hunt about ....I mean there ARE bundles out there ..but when i add the accessories they are doubling up ...scantronic, Pyronix etc etc just frustrating for a DIY fitter is all Listen if i had spare cash ..ofc i would get a REAL fitter to do it for me ... ..I am not daft .....just a little ....well, skint tx for your help, and no i am NOT a light sleeper, i could sleep through WW3 but the dogs won't...say hello to Trevor
  3. well its not the house value..its what you paid for it in the first place, which was a small mortgage 30 years ago we dont have all that hi tech stuff and we dont have kids and so we dont plan to ...dearest thing is probably the telly which was £400 2 years ago its more for a safety thing than anything in all honesty ..if they came in here what could they take? ...the TV and the food mixer LOL i got a few power tools in the shed ...but nothing big name and with £200 at Wickes you could replace them all with new ones its just burglars dont KNOW this and we just want to keep them out of the house !!! ..its the mess and upset. I mean if I am in bed and the dog starts barking I will reach around the back of the wardrobe and bring out my old 40" Katana ...I used to collect them So bearing in mind it will cut right through a frozen lamb leg ...its more to keep ME out of trouble as well as THEM !
  4. not sure what phones u have Norman ...but I am 52 not into these smart jobbies ...just get a nice cheapy that wont break my heart if i drop it off a ladder ! So you think the above is "ok" on price ? or do u think i woul dbe better with a Pyronix ... not sure exactly how the alerts work on both of them ...doesnt look like the old "diallers" they used to have i am guessing? Also I dont want to be lumbered with a wireless box ...I looked about and someone said they do one that can be "wired" as a workaround why dont they bloody still STOCK wired boxes ..I mean how hard can it be to have some terminals Where this box is going i dont want to be arsing about ...I mean tamper wont be necessary as you would need to Spidermans climbing coach to get to it !
  5. Well i might be If you know where to go I was thinking this kit here https://www.coditech.co.uk/texecom-ricochet-premier-elite-64w-wireless-alarm-kit-kit-0002-4431-p.asp?gclid=Cj0KCQiAiZPvBRDZARIsAORkq7fiVZEgSGp7__X-3sXmrUfZgFfWMMsAEbGvTOoJ7U_nTJnfDjaCopgaAqMxEALw_wcB adding 2 x https://www.coditech.co.uk/texecom-ricochet-premier-elite-premier-wireless-pw-w-pet-immune-pir-4424-p.asp 3 x https://www.coditech.co.uk/texecom-ricochet-micro-door-contact-w-white-4405-p.asp 1 x https://www.alertelectrical.com/texecom-ricochet-dp-w-personal-panic-attack-push-button-gbg-0001.html you are right it does start racking up I am hoping this kit will have an inbuild dialer or app or something for alerts ...not much info also confused about the sounder ...its Wireless although some sites suggest it can be wired by arsing about with a "22k resistor" or something Its never easy ! Would pyronix save me £££?
  6. Well I have deceided to flog on this Yale Kit IA220, thanks to being misadvised several months ago I have ended up with a load of accessories that should work but dont they are for Easyfit system ...still 866 but not compatible ... anyway I am going to flog it all on ebay and get a decent one I initially looked at Pyronix and Texecom I am pretty sure the Texecom system would work out cheaper ...perhaps. what do you guys think I need a system that ** Comes with Wired Bellbox (the only wired kit i need) ** Comes Wireless Panic Button **Comes with a dialer or some way of notification then the standard kit i need is 5 x Wireless PIR 4 x Wireless Contacts Any Suggestions for me welcomed
  7. what a a testicle ache i just looked at my windows and these are almost identical i dont know what they cant make some form of "wedge" to fix them to ..i really dont something like this could work,as long as the tape was strong enough ...no reason it wouldnt work ? screwing is an option too
  8. hmmm Perhaps i am being a bit dumb I drew a little drawing Basically even if i put a spacer under the mag contact on the window, and get it to the same "height" as the wireless sender ...the sender is too far away (if you get me) i mean it is a upvc window but it has fancy plastic 18mm bead around everywhere, and so there is no SQUARE finish between the fram and window anywhere I hope u get what i mean
  9. Looks Good! But I have ANOTHER enigma, and i have watched videos on youtube etc ..but none seem to show this. Basically if you look at their windows (below) you can see the window is a GOOD 3/4 inch deeper than the actual frame. I mean i know the magnetic contact always goes window/door side. but even when closed it will be still a good 5mm away from even lining up opposing edges never mind facing ! and i am presuming it needs to be facing each other ....so would this be a "packer" job ? I mean I dont recall ever seeing a magnetic contact sitting or jutting out on what would be a lego brick block before or am i not looking LOL
  10. omg ..i found this site that seems to do all the names above but by god is it confusing https://www.securitywarehouse.co.uk/ how d i KNOW if the control unit supports a wired bell? and whats the deal with no backplate and cover...er ...isn't that all there is !
  11. Well they do have internet for sure. Cant have anything on stairs as dogs run up there too. So with Texecom I can get a dialler unit ? I just though a nice bundle would reduce the cost ... Is there only really TWO affordable/quality self fit alarm alternatives ..Tex or Pyr seems a narrow market to me
  12. thanks but they do like to keep busy and with hospital and stuff (one is getting treatment for C) then they are out a bit But anyway I have decided to PIR that room as its locked when they go out anyway So i look around t'interweb amnd i suppose i need a "hybrid" an alarm with wireless and cabled features and i get to here ..https://www.alertelectrical.com/alarms-and-cctv/burglar-alarms-systems/complete-burglar-intruder-alarm-systems.html how confusing is this I need a Box with Keyfobs (preferrably) A dialler unit to call relatives 3 x Wireless PIR 8 Wireless Contacts 1 x Panic Button 1 x Wired Bellbox none of the kits seem to match this setup ...guess i am looking at separates
  13. actually i didn't know what it looked like so i nipped over a took a pic its quite big ...really 6 foot across by 4+ feet tall
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