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  1. Mr happy I tried like that way also but no responses
  2. In my sd1+ there is tirig input mention A B C D/abort in this slot which letter I want connect in my alarm panel .i want use resister or not I give connection from my alarm panel ( bell out put ) to SD1+ letter C asper manual C is using for alarm but I not respond in this device
  3. Then can you tell me how I want connect that’s one
  4. Hai I have scantronic (cooper)85EN alarm every thing is clear .i connect my sd1 + device .when the alarm is on .I receive a call from Sd1+ device .one s I receive call when I press number 8 this call is not going acknowledgement , Problem 2 this key 8 was working before that Time I receive call from sd1+ .when I press key 8 the alarm not going to off please any one know the issue just help me out of this I am stuck in my project (EDITED - PLEASE DONT BUMP ANCIENT TOPICS)
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