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  1. That does not help! dont know what you are asking me to do re 'clear the panel down' looks like i will have to get an electrcian in as starting to get a bit confusing
  2. OK so please can you talk me through the setting up proceedure for that i find it difficult t follow the manual as it states firt put in code ok then press 1 2 then press 2 to make it entry/exit but nothing changes have i wired it up correctly the wire in the pir are from left to righ black red blue yellow green white the alarm box in the loft is black red for power yes blue yellow foor the zone 2 white green joined in sequence with all oth pir's do i need to change anything?
  3. no full setting as the upstairs is avaiable for burglars to get in through windows very easy via a downstairs bow window to an upstairs window
  4. Hi I have veritas r8 alarm system zone 1 door contact as entry/exit but i need to have zone 2 the same as when setting alarm going to bed i have to pass hall pir to get to my bedroom so when i get up and go passed zone 2 the alarm goes off imediately how can i make zone 2 like the front door with a delayed alrm so i can turn the system off before the alrm goes off please can someone help i have tried to follow steps from the manual with no direct outcome regards roy
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