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  1. Hi sixwheeledbeast thanks for the last message. Since the last contacts I have got 2new sensors that work well but now I am having issues with the 2 that came originally with the kit in that they are now placed in the hall and landing and have difficulty picking me up efficiently ie I have to wave my arms ( not usual for burgers to do). I also have an issue with one door contact. Being learnt easily enough but not functioning in settings. I set the alarm 10 times using the proximity fob in a row with no problem but when we went away with all the doors closed internally the alarm wouldn’t set as it did not sense me leaving on the entry exit sensor. Finally i can’t set the alarm at all using the key fob but I can disarm it with no problem. There are are other things poss to discuss but I’m at work and time is limited. Regards PodMan
  2. Hi to all thanks for your help and a decision will be soon made. Lots to think about. Cheers
  3. Fitting a prom sensor on the bifolds would be difficult and ugly. What about the DQ
  4. I know that alarm won’t be working when cooking it was referencing the heat issue on an only mildly sunny day. Mid summer would do the same with no cooking
  5. It’s not a conservatory it’s a heat issue in a large room that is a kitchen/Dining/sitting room with 6m bifolds floor to ceiling. Last Sunday with sun and cooking in the room through the doors the temp rise caused the device not to be able to detect a us moving. No false alarm just did not detect. Pyronix Tech said dual tech or similar. Cheers
  6. Well all those DT's are wired. I don't use Pyronix but wireless DT's are pretty rare, not all manufacturers have them. Hi again Bought system from SW last week. KX12DQ-WE is wireless has digital temp compensation when room temp matches body temp and the KX12DT is wireless also and is dual tech so which is best.
  7. Hi Its a wireless system. I think its a heat issue only as the glass doors and sun ramp up the hest in the room adding the fact that cooking was going on as well at the time it was very hot in there. worked in the evening when the temp had reduced. no doors or obstacles of any fashion in the way.. Cheers
  8. I have an issue with a Pyronix enforcer alarm kit. The PIR that came is unable to detect in the rear room as there are bifolds and a kitchen which raises the temp too high. I'm looking for a Dual tech PIR and there are 3 available so which is best and easiest to install for a DIY application. FPKX15DT3 ,FPKX15DTAM3, Pyronix Enforcer KX12DT,. cheers
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