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  1. Update: I got the panel working a couple of days after my post. It is running smoothly, and most important, free.
  2. I work in IT related tasks. I'm tech-savvy. I was thinking of writing a program to brute-force test all the codes, but it's too much work
  3. Not sure if holding reset defaults installer code... seems like not. So far trying codes one at a time... 62 in 2 hours… this will take days... assuming it's a 4 digit code, if the code is longer it will be almost impossible
  4. Yes! Your instruction of pressing both buttons at the same time was the missing piece. Thank you! Now I'm struggling with the code. I tried a couple that I found on google "visonic pm-360 default installer code" but they didn't work. I'm not sure if it is allowed by this forum, but in case it is, is there any further guidance that you can give me (now my only way is to try all codes from 0000 to 9999). In theory, I have reset the panel to factory defaults by holding the RST button for 30 sec (panel responds with green light and beep) Regards,
  5. Thanks for your reply. I did as you indicate (pressing plus o minus buttons didn't work, instead I held "reset" for 30 seconds and in order to get the beep + green light). I connected to the panel's wifi network (ID=panel ID; password=serial number). However the Alarm Install App throws these errors: Panel is not responding. Please check your WiFi settings Could not complete operation. Connection rejected I check that the panel ID and S/N are correct. I know they are because my iPhone shows the wifi icon, which means a wifi connection was established. Seems like the panel has wifi enabled but connection via Alarm Install App disabled. Any clues on how to recycle this panel?
  6. Understood. Thanks for the clarification. I believe I can default the panel as I run the “restore to factory setting procedure” (keep reset button for 30 sec) and the panel emits a green light and success tone. My problem however is that I cannot interface with the panel. This model (PM-360) has no keyboard and it only can be programmed by connecting to it. I tried: - USB (regular USB cable): Windows does not detect any device - WiFi (virtual keyboard via AlarmInstall app - local option): connection rejected Any ideas on how to connect to the panel? Regards
  7. Sorry if this sounds silly, but what’s the difference between unlocking and defaulting?
  8. Hi folks. I acquired a second hand Visonic kit (panel + sensors) from a guy who used to have an ADT subscription. He terminated his contract with ADT and they left him the alarm. I purchased it assuming it would be simple to "reset" the panel and fit it to my needs. I sadly found it isn't. Although I can do a reset (green light = success?), I cannot log into the panel, either via USB port or AlarmInstall app. As far as I was told later, ADT visonic panels are locked and can only be accessed by ADT remotely. Understanding the forum policies of not publishing defaulting info in public forums, I would just to know if it possible (not how) to default (reset) this panel to use without paying ADT a fee, or it's simply impossible. Thanks.
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