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  1. The bell is working and always has done. If I set the alarm say for program 3 and open the garage door, the external bell sounds as normal. My issue is that the landing PIR makes the keypad emit a continuous beeping sound( not the same as the time delay sound when exiting) when I set any program and then walk past the landing PIR, regardless of whether that zone(3) is included in the program or not. As mentioned it was all working perfectly previously
  2. Morning All, I'm new to the site and send my greetings to everybody. I also have a query on my alarm installation I hope someone can help with as it's driving me nuts!!! Current setup Accenta G3 compact Zone 1 - Front door contacts Zone 2 - Front room PIR Zone 3 - Landing PIR Zone 4 - Garage door contacts Program 1 - Zones 1 -4 Program 2 - Zones 1,2,4 Program 3 - Zone 4 All was working perfectly, then I added a PIR to the garage and set it up as zone 5 and wanted to add it to program 3. This didn't go well as the PIR was faulty so I unistalled it and disabled zone 5 By the way, I have the engineers code. After that, whenever I set any of the programs, they appeared to be ok but whenever the Zone 3 PIR (landing) was activated, the keypad started beeping and the outside strobe came on but the outside bell didn't. As I mentioned, this happened on all programs including the garage program 3 which only has the door contacts. It's driving me nuts trying to find out what's wrong and I'm wondering If I have inadvertently set zone 3 to be active on all programs. If anyone can help at all that would be fantastic. Cheers All Bern
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