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  1. Have taken on board the advice and sent it back after much wrangling. I didnt actually buy the alarm, my dad did before he died, so was trying to put it in for my mother. Will figure out where to go from here, but the response alarm while generally perceived as tat on here was installed for 20 years and no issues, it just gave out/broke. Thanks to those who gave constructive responses.
  2. Thanks specialist and james wilson. Its an Owsoo pg 100, was a typo. Will give that a try, thanks
  3. Hi, apologies if this has been asked before. Am attempting to replace an alarm in my mums, dad died recently and she wants the security. They had a Response alarm, wired PIRs and door contacts. 6 core cable, 2 power, 2 detector and 2 anti tamper. Am replacing the control box with oswoo pg100 wired and wireless, hoping to use the concealed wiring and PIRs already in, and wireless for whatever extras she wants. Door contact circuits work just fine but having nightmares with the PIRs. Have wired in the 2 power, and the two for the zone, such that the PIR detects, leaving aside the anti tampers for now which i'll wire into a separate zone for all. I cannot make the alarm trigger though by a PIR going off, except if i interrupt the circuit. The old PIRs are NC, and have the new system set to NC. Can anyone think of anything obvious i'm missing or offer any advice? Its driving me bananas, like a caged lion keeping walking in front of the PIRs lol. Thanks in advance
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