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  1. Hahahaha. Cheers, I'll keep the sterling then hahaha
  2. Oh right, thanks for the info, yes just looking for bells to go off when they are supposed too really. Not trying to protect the crown jewels, but just want to scare off any scrote who wants to come in whilst I'm not there.. oh and by the way,, what is a hybrid alarm ? And do I need one.. many thanks
  3. Yes thanks for that guys, I will get at survey, but would like to know which system would be the preferred choice out of the three. Thankyou
  4. Are any of these systems worth putting in please ?? Thankyou.
  5. Good morning everyone. I have a two bedroom bungalow , and I would like to install a burglar alarm. Currently no alarm installed,so would anyone please suggest a decent reputable, and reliable system to install for about £500 max ( install and supply ) only need to cover 5 areas with pirs. Just looking for best quality I can get for my budget, if that's possible. Many thanks
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