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  1. Thanks everyone. Turns out that the code on the paperwork is the ‘job number’ and not the installer code. As everything works perfectly, and it’s just the plastic flap that’s come off, it’s going to be hard to justify £150 so I guess it’s going to have to be something I live with for now. I still have the flap, may see if I can fix the hinge somehow when I get some time.
  2. Thanks-I’ll give that a try. Just out of interest (and if I’m not that confident ;-) ), what kind of ball park cost should I be looking at to get a pro to replace the keypad?
  3. It’s a new build, so I know who installed it and I _think_ I have the engineer code in the paperwork.
  4. Hi, I have a ScanTronic 9651 installed and all working fine, but the cover flap on the keypad (9941) has broken off and my toddler likes to go and press the buttons! I’ve had a look through the installation guide, but I’m puzzled on what process I would follow to replace the keypad, avoiding tamper alarms etc. Can anyone help or is it a case of getting the pro’s in? thanks Carl
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