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  1. Thats why, I think, you can set more the one pulse count. Of course on there is and there could be noise due to for example some wind moving the shutter or not yet perfer stopped as soon as the shutter goes down and you have to arm the alarm system. Anyway here you are the manual:
  2. In the manual the only thing connected to pulse time is: Pulse 4 รท 6 ms Risco anyway recommend to set for this kind of device a loop response of 1ms but doesn't specify the number of pulse count...
  3. Ops I let the thread control My porblem is to set a correct value in the filed "Pulse count". Lower value increase the possibility of a false alarm and a high value cannot identify a real intrusion event...
  4. You have to connect the rope to the end of the shutter. So as soon as the shutter moves the rope moves in or out to the device opening the circuit.
  5. I don't know what is exactly the name in english but here you are...
  6. Hello, I have some rope sensors installed on my rolling shutters. I have a Risco Plus system. According to the handbook I set the "loop response" to "extra fast, 1ms". I would like to know if there is a recommended value for the pulse count value. I can understand that it could depend on sensor brand but I'm figuring out if there is any value to be set that come from general experience. Thank You Regards
  7. mauog


    I had a ProSys and I loved it very much. I found myself very well. It never had a failure and a false alarm. It became a little bit obsoleted for the remote interaction. Unfortunately Risco doesn't make easy the DIY...
  8. Hi all, I bought a couple of Beyond wired sensor to be installed in my ProSys system because I read that They will replace soon the WATCHout models. I'm still testing them but I found that the PIR sensibility is quite low despite the MW looks to be good. It is quite easy to pass through the later sensor area being intercepted by MW only and then not causing an alarm. In fact, If I am not mistaken, the alarm condition is triggered when the LED become RED and not just if the MW reveal you (GREEN light). Because this happen son two different sensors I don't think it is a defect but a "feature" instead. Do you have any advice about this? Beyond is really better than WatchOut? Thank You
  9. mauog


    Hello everybody, I'm not a "professional" installer but I installed by myself a Risco ProSys alarm because I love DIY and what I build, generically speaking, I know how to fix it! Subscribing here I hope not to have broken any rules (because I'm not a professional installer) and hope to get and share good advices! Thank You
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