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    Pyronix Cloud

    Thanks for the reply. I don’t think I have the master code but I do have the system ID. Can I still get this sorted with Pyronix?
  2. Simonyg

    Pyronix Cloud

    I didn’t go for a cheap option, I went with someone I was referred to and I paid a reasonable price for the service. He seemed like a solid fella who had done good work for other people. Anyway, now I’ll respond to those who are actually being helpful and not assuming I am being or was being cheap. Appreciate the response. I’m in Widnes, Cheshire and I’m happy to pay the going rate for a quality service if anyone can help.
  3. Simonyg

    Pyronix Cloud

    I had a system installed on year ago and now my app is saying that my ‘Home UK subscription is ending’. The installer and administrator has disappeared and it looks like he has gone out of business. any advice on what I can do to get this renewed with someone?
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