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    Hi There,
    Sorry new to this forum and put the message in the introduction page, can anyone tell me how to turn off the external sounders (sab) on part set for night time use , I can’t seem to find it in the set up instructions, had this option on our previous Veritas 8 system. My new system is the Texecom Elite 24
    I’m not a professional installer more a retired electrician did serve part of my apprenticeship doing alarm installs, when ultrasonic units/detectors were the size of a shoe box, PIRs were half the size of a shoe box, wired the roof of the cigarette store every two inches with a small single core cable using a staple gun and control panels had a red and green light with a key switch Happy Days.
    cheers Bill
    1. Specialist


      Hey Bill: Welcome, yep I can well remember being shoved in attics with a roll of Hard drawn lace wire & gun to wire it as a nipper.

      Woe betide you if you messed it up and the runs weren't straight. Or god forbid, did the unthinkable and snagged / snapped the wire, happy days:rolleyes:


    2. Leckybill


      Hi There, yes the other thing I hated was the window foil tape then varnishing over it getting it to help stick on the glass was a challenge if the window was full of condensation due to you breathing if it was a fairly confined space, no break glass detectors then, most of the control panels consisted of a hold on relay, now you need to be a computer wiz kid happy days. Bill

    3. Specialist


      Yep foil could drive you nuts in the winter. We used to have a small fan heater in the van & that got put in front of the Windows for a while before they were cleaned or touched. 


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