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  1. Hi all, carried out the above reset procedure, the fault has cleared, only the date and time needed setting. Many thanks for everyone's help, saved on unnecessary call out charges, top work guys,
  2. Ok thanks, I’ll let you know if it works, cheers.
  3. Cheers lads, I’ll give that a go tomorrow. I take it day mode is the system out of engineer mode with date and time showing on the panel.
  4. Should I power down in engineer mode or does it not matter?
  5. There doesn't seem to be any additional tampers, I can enter engineer mode with the code, 'installer mode' shows on the screen, and I can exit with 99 tick, it checks the system then asks to exit, tick again. The system showed no tamper faults before changing the battery, only the 'batt missing' inactive fault, the only tamper that has been activated is the lid tamper, which now shows as inactive when trying to set the system. It's probably something simple, but I'm out of ideas
  6. The main control box tamper switch is working, I can test it using engineers walk round test, it sounds the internal bell when lifting and replacing the lid, you can here it clicking if you listen carefully as well.
  7. Does a PIR with a loose lid still register on a walk round test, I have 3 PIR’s one front door sensor and one garage door sensor, on the last walk round test all registered on the panel.
  8. Hi mate, thanks for the response, checked those menu options and all are set to user, no difference, the triangle light is on, keying in user code brings up one problem, press tick and it shows lid tamper inactive and next, nothing works but the tick then it says can’t reset and returns to date and time, I’m stuck at this point.
  9. Hi all, hope someone can help, I have a scantronic 9651 alarm that was installed when the house was built, approx 10 years ago, it recently developed a 'batt missing' inactive fault and would not let me set the alarm, the previous house owner did not leave the engineers code so I carried out a first stage reset to default the codes, this was successful, although obviously set off the lid tamper fault and sounded the bells, however all programming seems to be intact, zone names, sensor types etc. I then changed the battery in installer/engineer mode and replaced the lid, and exited engineer mode, however the warning triangle remained, entering the user code show's one problem, 'lid tamper', 'inactive and next', you can only press the tick and when doing so it shows 'can't reset' and goes back to time and date, exactly the same as the 'batt missing' inactive fault which has cleared. (strangely the old battery voltage was fine, although I changed it anyway). The user log shows the lid tamper, then the lid tamper reset. Using the engineer walk through test, I checked the lid tamper and it bleeps the internal sounder so the system is seeing the switch working. From what I understand the fault must be displayed when you carry out an engineer reset, code - 99 - tick - tick, but the panel won't let you enter engineers code at this point, all you can do is press the tick. And that's where I'm at, exactly the same problem as before only this time with the lid tamper inactive fault and not batt missing inactive fault, I'm probably being a bit thick and not seeing the obvious, or this system is the work of the devil , so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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