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    Premier Elite 64 W

    Hi James, possible. Just a bit strange as I've seen someone on YouTube having the same problem but for them it was a easy fix as they were using all wireless PIR so just set the wired on board zones to not in use? Thanks.
  2. Tonybeemer

    Premier Elite 64 W

    High James. Normally the Veritas panels come with a little bag of resistor but on this occasion not. So I just linked out with cable is this my problem? Thanks.
  3. Tonybeemer

    Premier Elite 64 W

    Hi every one, I've just purchased a new Texecom Ricochet 64 Way. Set up the system 3 PIR and 1 door contact no problem apart from I realised that when setting up the config it turns of the zones on the hard wired panel so I re instated them in the config/programme menu as I wanted to add two additional hard wired PIR and looped out the other two. But unless these zones are set as not used I get tamper showing? Any Ideas please? Thanks.

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