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    Thanks for all your inputs guys...! The system is regularly serviced (last visit was Oct 2018) and the main battery was replaced in Oct2016... It's the intermittent nature of the alarm that's so frustrating... The only "tamper" devices that haven't been looked at are the small internal sounder box near the keypad (which is the only one that goes off when the "Lt" alarm comes up) and the outside siren box... Don't know if the internal sounder would have a tamper switch, I know it's powered from the main PCB... Any ideas as to why just this box alarms and not the external siren...?
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    Have a TS700 fitted in 1994 and still going strong...except for very intermittent "Lt" alarms which set off the mini alarm box inside the house but don't set off the main outside bell box...! It'll sound continuously until cancelled : not good if I happen to be away...! There's a main bell box and 2 x dummy boxes containing just an LED and a limit switch, but the switches are firmly closed (oh, and a few spiders...!) Any ideas how I can eliminate these intermittent alarms...? All I have internally are a TS700 keypad (the keys of which I have to clean periodically with isopropyl alcohol ) and the main PCB box, numerous PIRs and a couple of "door open" detectors... Everything works...! Is it possible to isolate the "tamper" side of things via the PCB box (hardware), or is there a "software" way of doing it...? Thanks

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