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  1. True, be cheaper and easier to swap the keypad out for one running older software to test. Would of been ideal if the firmware could of been flashed via WIntex and not through add on hardware. Gaz
  2. Guys, Cut along story short I am in the process of finishing off somebody else's installation (don't you just love those ones) I have three wireless keypads, the first two setup in seconds and work fine, the third doesn't want to play ball, I noticed that on this keypad box it says only works with v3.1 software and above, the panel is running V3.02, so I am guessing this is the issue, sods law two of the keypads were brought together at a later time, the other box has been thrown by the owner so I cannot check if that had the same sticker on, pretty certain this is the issue unless anybody knows of anything else. Cheers Gaz
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