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  1. Final Exit, thats the one. I replaced the battery in PCB, and problems have arisen since. Yeah, may have to experiment. Thanks.
  2. Would I be OK have two exit routes? I've set the neighbours door contacts set as Exit Route already Would this allow them to have time to unset the alarm when coming down? Thanks!
  3. I've recently got an existing installation working for a neighbour, thanks so much for your previous help! However, the only thing not working is the B setting, put code in, press B = Zone Fault 2 and the alarm makes a loud horn noise. It's fine when it's set in A setting. Any clues? I have Zone 2 as 'ER abcd' | Zone 2 is the PIR setting to be activated when coming down the stairs.
  4. All done! THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE!! I annoyed the other neighbours though, forgot to set the entry and exit routes and had the alarm going full pelt twice!! Let me know how I can repay the favour, thanks again.
  5. Everything is functional apart from the door chime. I've changed the settings on the keypad, to OFF and back ON, it makes the sound - but when the sensors move theres no sound?! What could be the explanation for this? I really appreciate your help, every days a school day! Thanks so much, my neighbour will be so chuffed it's fixed
  6. PERFECT!! We're sorted. Just a few more issues: Smoke Alarm,Fault?! Zone 10 Door chime not working? And how to do I change user codes? I've checked instructions but unable to find any information, thanks.
  7. I'll check all wiring, thanks. Only the one keypad.
  8. Now the alarm has frozen? It doesn't seem to be responsive, I've taken all my links out, and placed existing back in, battery off, kick started and same issue? I really appreciate your help.
  9. Thanks so much! Will do this, obviously turning everything off first.
  10. Just to clarify, I'm really not used to this, I'm a wood butcher by trade haha. Link CCT7-CCT8, the same as CCT5-CCT6?
  11. It says "technical" on instruction manual. only 1-4 zones are used. Technical (TC) (Key in 08). Use this zone type when you want to monitor equipment, for example a freezer, without raising a full alarm. If a technical alarm zone is activated while the system is set, the system makes no audible alarm. However, when a user unsets the system the keypad indicates a fault.If a technical alarm zone is activated while the system is unset then the system starts a pulsed tone from the keypad. If programmed, the control unit also starts communication. When a user enters a valid code the key
  12. Wired this up, getting a fault on Zone 08? https://imgur.com/a/1ck4y5d Scroll down for bellbox wiring. Really stumped what the issue is? Any help is really appreciated, thanks.
  13. I've replaced siren / sounder as stated in first post. Good heads up though. Would this wiring combination work? Bell box V+ red V - blue Sw black St greenR yellow´╗┐´╗┐
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