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  1. Digital_gee

    Tamper fault on EOL new Texecom system

    Nice and simple, I like your style
  2. Digital_gee

    Tamper fault on EOL new Texecom system

    Thanks I'll triple check all of these tomorrow, I've only done continuity test on the cable going from the reed switch to the RKP as my multimeter tails reached at the time but I've almost a whole real of alarm cable so I can extend it to the panel for the others. I am guessing that these cables aren't broken as it dose register when the door opens or the PIR has been triggered as in engineer utilities on zone status changes from saying "tamper >65k/000R" to "Active", if either the brown or yellow had a break the EOL there would be broken and not able to see this resistance change? Cheers Gee
  3. Digital_gee

    Tamper fault on EOL new Texecom system

    well this is my first install I didn't wan to go all guns blazing trimming stuff that then is needed and then not have the wire length so I connected up all the terminals in the device but then left the spare lines floating and not connected to anything at the panel end. so effectively it is only the Brown and Yellow used on the system and therefore EOL?? correct me if I'm wrong I am a Newbie to alarm but have wired lots of stuff up in my years once it is all setup and working I'll trim the excess on the panel side to make that all neat. I can take them out of the device and try that tomorrow but it's working for all the other devices with the white & blue going nowhere and all the zones have the same settings apart from Guard/Entry Exit/Guard Access. I have them programmed in as EOL in the software. it also worked on the 2nd RKP with the White and Blue being attached fo a PIR and a Reed switch and i have turned it off and on again :p just to clarify on panel : - A - Brown T - Yellow floating and not connected - White & Blue Cheers, Gee
  4. Digital_gee

    Tamper fault on EOL new Texecom system

    I have the same jumper settings for the PIR and cut the same wire links as the others on the reed contacts all wired in the same format on all devices A1 Brown A2 White T1 Blue T2 Yellow on pannel A Brown T Yellow on RKP's A1 Brown A2 White T1 Blue T2 Yellow
  5. Digital_gee

    Tamper fault on EOL new Texecom system

    I have tried this with the RKP circuit (as it want all the way across the house) for a quick check and the same is happening (I did re-patch the zone) I havent tried on the main panel yet (on the panel circuits one is on the main board the other is on the expander.)
  6. Hi I have a fault on 3 EOL circuits on a new install (my 1st install) the other 16 EOL circuits are perfect 1st time it's a Texecom premier elite 24 with expander and 2 RKP's there are 2 lines (1 door reed 1 PIR) showing tamper 000R to the panel and 1 line (door reed switch) showing >65k from 1 of the RKP (2 of the circuits from the 2nd RKP are working perfectly) they all show 4k690 when they are active but showing tamper fault when the door closed/ nothing setting off the PIR 1 of the reed switch lines from the RKP briefly says secure 2k180 after the door is closed but returns back to tamper >65k after half a second I've set alarm to 4k7 and tamper to 2k2 on everything. would anyone here have an idea of what the fault is and to rectify it? I've already tried swapping cores on the cables Cheers, Gee

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