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  1. Steve Lambert

    8mp poe kit wanted

    Thanks for all the useful info still considering what to do got another quote but yes it's a lot more expensive than the last quote.
  2. Steve Lambert

    8mp poe kit wanted

    Peter Good information, I was looking at the other make dahua I may take a chance on them they have some offers on and seem quite a good price point. It's trial and error I will see how I get on. I do have someone else who is due to give me a quote this week so will let you know how I get on. Thanks again Thank for info mate, learning the hard way but don't want to get ripped off.
  3. Steve Lambert

    8mp poe kit wanted

    Peter Thanks for the detailed reply the camera I was on about can be found here https://www.trac-cctv.co.uk/technomate-cameras/181-technomate-tm-803-e-ip-8mp-turret-camera.html not sure on the spec, without taking up too much of your time if you don't mind casting your view over the spec see if it is a steer clear job. Thanks again Steve
  4. Steve Lambert

    8mp poe kit wanted

    Peter Thanks for your help thought I had my mind set but now it's back to square 1 again. I will keep looking and see what comes up. Trouble is there are kits on eBay but they may be clones so not sure what to look for. Appreciate your input Cheers
  5. Steve Lambert

    8mp poe kit wanted

    Cheers Peter Just want to make sure the quality is decent and can make things out. Do you think 6mp may be a better option to bring it within price range. Or is the MP nothing to do with the quality and should I be looking g for something else. Thanks
  6. Steve Lambert

    8mp poe kit wanted

    Trying to future proof by not getting 2mp something that will last a few more years. Will be getting a screen at a later date. As I plan to have mobile viewing for now after Christmas looking to get screen. So what is rubbish the brand of technomate? TM 803 E IP was the model no I was looking at. Just looking for guidance and like I say want to try and keep the system for a number of years without needing to upgrade it. Any advice you can recomend Cheers
  7. Steve Lambert

    8mp poe kit wanted

    Have been quoted that for the brand of technomate. So thanks for your help.
  8. Steve Lambert

    8mp poe kit wanted

    Hi I am looking for a 2 cam setup with 2 8mp poe cameras, 1 for the front and 1 for the back of the house. Can anyone give me any advice please. It's for a mid terrace house domestic property. Also need a 4ch recorder with 2tb hd. Just trying to future proof for the next few years. Any recommendations cheers, best cameras to get have about £580 to include fitting. Thanks Steve

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