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  1. Hi i am trying to connect a FPDELTAX3MOD Deltabell X G3 Module, (backlit, twin piezo) to a galaxy dimension 48 ( have moved jumper on bell to G2) have tried it couple of ways into rio 0 with std galaxy setting, could do with correct wiring (or bell goes of when closing bell lid), i have follow info in post below any help would be really greatfull thanks.
  2. J4 can be selected as G3 / G2 ?, and J8 will set to ext, i cannot test it again until monday, just want to say thanks for your input with this.
  3. the part code FPDELTAX3MOD Deltabell X G3 Module, (backlit, twin piezo) i changed to z30 i got visonic data sheet for expander to hw bell and to refers to z30 all the time for tamper, how do i enable battery ?
  4. if bell is tampered with, set/unset it will produce alarm on the panel. when i close the lid the siren goes off, but nothing reported from the panel
  5. Hi thanks for reply’s i am pulling my hair out with this (the expander is outputting 12V), i have now tried jumper on scb (bell still goes of when lid closed ?) and wired the tamper to z30 and set it on panel to 24h audible this is how i have got the connections EXPANDER ~ SIREN 12V ~ 12V GND ~ GND EXT - BELL SRN+ ~ ENGHOLD INT ~ STROBE Z29 (2.2K) ~ TAMP GND ~ TAMP On panel bridged tamp with 2.2k Jumper now on SCB Using Z30 as tamp and have set it to 24h audible have attached pic of other jumpers
  6. Hi i have visonic pm30 panel with expander card and trying to connect a pyronix deltabell (using the light box face) i have got some info on expander and sounder connection, so far when i power it on with bell lid open it light up ok soon as i close the tamper on bell the bell go off (panel is ok and other wirless bell is ok) . i have closed the tamper and fault connection on bell just to try and stop it going off (was only going to wiring the tamper to z29 with resistor once bell is stable) any help or pointer woulds be greatfull. thanks
  7. Just saying HI I found the forum a while ago, while search for cctv, alarm info, I install mainly hikvision kit and visonic, pyronix and Texecom. I hope to learn and share like the rest of you. john
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