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  1. everyonelovescheese

    Some Advice on Galaxy Flex systems

    Thank you sir, do I need a trigger module to run 2 x sounders?
  2. everyonelovescheese

    Some Advice on Galaxy Flex systems

    Hi all I have fitted a few Honeywell systems fitted in the past without major issues but am now looking at a Galaxy Flex 20 for our house. I am not an installer but have a fair bit of electronics experience and don't find it too hard. Where I am struggling is with the components required. So Galaxy Flex 20 V3 + a RF portal card along with some DO800M door sensors and DT8M PIR sensors + a MK8 door panel and an ethernet module to allow for smart device arming/notifications. Now the documentation says "compatible with all Honeywell Alpha protocol sensors". Where do I stand on sirens etc? Do I have to use a hard wired sounder or can I use an alpha compatible siren? Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. everyonelovescheese

    Morning all!

    Just swinging by to ask some info on the latest HW Galaxy systems, been a while since I installed a few and they have added a few bits to the range it seems! Thanks

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