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  1. Thanks for thatThanks for that... yellow man though?
  2. Can anyone identify this panel please? All I have is the installers name on it, no make or model identification. Many thanks Lee
  3. Yeah, as I say assuming the cabling is OK, once proved, is there a way to prove if the keypad or panel is at fault other than by swapping one or the other? I.e. by using a meter, is it possible to test the data pair both ways, looking into the panel and into the system; what conditions should I see or measure?
  4. This system is in a rental property that's been empty for a while. Last tenant never knew the codes so never used the alarm. The internal sounder only, was going off when landlord & I visited. He managed to silence the sounder by using the 'poke & hope' method. But after that, no response from panel... obviously because of data fault. As there are only four wires (presumably power & data pairs) between panel & keypad, its easy enough to prove the cabling. Assuming the cabling is OK, is there a way to prove if the keypad or panel is at fault other than by swapping one or the other? The keypad is obviously getting power as the display is lit.
  5. Thank you all! I particularly like the 150 yrs old comment! Not a lot of help, but my kind of humour! Thanks for the link to Manager Manual too, but does anyone know where I can find a programming manual please, in case I take up the challenge to reset/default or start from scratch?
  6. That's great! Thanks for the quick reply. Any thoughts on what the problem may be please?
  7. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can identify this alarm system please? The panel is showing "nd-NO PANEL DATA" and all three LEDs are illuminated. I know the battery is no good and needs changing. All fuses seem to be good (with a meter across them). The codes are unknown, so will need a factory reset I guess. Thanks all!
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