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  1. I've noticed there is still interest in the Securit 700L Plus. I have one, recently removed from my home due to an upgrade. It is in perfect working order and good condition. See photos. Open to offers.
  2. The garage, which its in full view of the other ten houses in a quiet and (so far) crime-free cul-de-sac has a police-approved sectional door with no external lock or handle, just a BiSecur radio system operated from the car. So maybe not what you envisioned
  3. Just thinking... would a second keypad in the garage, which would not be itself alarmed, be a better solution than combining zones?
  4. Thanks, I'll give my local pro a bell...
  5. Thanks, not what I wanted to hear!!!
  6. Hello, first post! I've got a Securit 700L system with zones 1, 2, 3 & 4 used with PIRs. Zone 1 is by default Entry / Exit. I'd like to make Zone 3 the same, so I can enter/leave via a door in that zone also. I've got the manuals but cannot see a way of doing it... Any clues would be welcome!!!! Thanks.
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