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  1. Solomon

    Veritas 8 installation bug

    Initially I didn't wire it in any other way other than the way the sensor had previously been wired. In debugging I may well have damaged it! Perfectly competent to do so - I will try that, thanks.
  2. Solomon

    Veritas 8 installation bug

    Ok, things I've tried... 1) joined red and black at the sensor end. This allowed the alarm to set properly but, obviously, not trigger the alarm with movement. 2) joined blue and yellow at the sensor end. Immediately set off the tamper alarm. No change regarding being able to set the alarm. 3) swapped red and black st sensor. No change. 4) swapped white and green at sensor. Power to sensor stopped. beginning to think I've damaged the sensor?
  3. Solomon

    Veritas 8 installation bug

    Pretty sure that's not the case, tbh. The black and red are together on the left, the green and white are yet two central wires. The green is very dark.
  4. Solomon

    Veritas 8 installation bug

    No I'm not sure I will swap and see what happens.
  5. Solomon

    Veritas 8 installation bug

    It's a constant beeping - approximately and consistently one beep per second. I understand that the number of beeps can give you a hint as to what the problem is - 3 beeps for the zone 3 detector, 10 beeps for a power supply problem etc. I have heard the 10 beep warning and the beeps are very close together in time, and then there a pause of around 1 second. I assume that the warning sound I'm currently getting is a zone 1 detector warning. Fairly sure it's not a tamper warning - once I've got the covers back on and press reset the tamper lights go off.
  6. Solomon

    Veritas 8 installation bug

    As far as I know I completely duplicated the wiring from the original installation. do note that the green and black are almost impossible to differentiate in the photos - it's very dark green.
  7. Solomon

    Veritas 8 installation bug

    Pretty sure the tamper function is disabled when I put the covers back on. I will try tweaking the wiring a small you suggest and see what happens.
  8. We've had a veritas 8 system for some time and there have been no issues. It is being used in our outhouse/office and uses just a single zone. Recently we have been remodelling the office and the motion detector ended up being inside a toilet cubicle, so I decided to move the sensor. The sensor is now wired, as far as I can tell, in exactly the same configuration as before only using a different length of 6-core cable. Now, when trying to set the alarm, I get a continuous series of single beeps whilst the zone 1 LED is lit red - I assume to show an error with the zone 1 detector, reinforced by the single beeps (instead of multiple beeps). I have tried shutting off the power and disconnecting the battery to try to reset it to no avail. A red light is showing in the detector, albeit quite dimly. Could anyone help me debug it please?

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