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  1. @datadiffusion you are right. I bought a Huawei p10 lite recently for 230 GBP on amazon. I can't say it is an excellent phone . But good for me
  2. Thanks for your comments guys. I think I can continue with my Pyronix now. If necessary, I can change the control panel only later. I had a false alarm last week (first time in 2 years). Not sure what happened. alarm log says "Alarm on input". So that I though about controlling the system remotely by SMS. If it happens again then I can decide about the upgrade.
  3. thanks. better to buy a 5star rated product from amazon with all the module instead of wasting the money for expensive Pyronix :-)
  4. I am not a professional installer. I purchased enforcer-32-we with digi-gsm module 2 years before and installed at my home. It is working fine. The GSM module send alarm notifications by SMS. But I contacted the pyronix support and they told that the UK version does not support SMS remote control. Are there any cheapest options to include this feature to my system. If so please let me know the options clearly. I prefer GSM as it is more reliable as intruder can cut my telephone line before intrude. If this is not possible, I am ok with other options.
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