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  1. I have fully installed a Texecom Premier Elite 24 panel and am now looking for some home made 'upgrades' Id like to program the Digicom Outputs to be able to signal a Raspberry Pi. Looking at the instruction manual, the Digicom Outputs are programmable max current 100mA 'Switched 0V'. Im just looking for some confirmation that Ive got things right. My assumption that 'Switched 0V' means that it is normally open circuit and when activated, will command 12V at a maximum of 100mA? I just need to know as plan to fit a relay to signal the Raspberry Pi that something has happened.
  2. Got it, makes a lot of sense. Just looking to confirm th eexpected inputs, is it 12V or O/C which would trigger an alarm condition?
  3. Just browsing the manuals, the Latch Key zone type looks ideal although the details in the manuals are sketchy. Can anyone provide some more gen??
  4. I have a relatively 'smart 'house' which is connected to my phone and a number of peripherals around the house. I have built most of it myself and want to know if I can disam a Texecom Premier alarm using a discrete input from the 'house system'? I couldnt see anything obvious as the zones are the only input (I have no communicator board!). There are plenty of outputs which I have programmed to output on alarm to the 'house system' to perform various tasks. Its the ability to disarm Im a bit stuck on. Any ideas??
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