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  1. mate, sounds like cracking value for money, I'll try this if I go down the Galaxy route.
  2. Thanks for the info GalaxyGuy. So to clarify service with Selfmon - I could get a Galaxy Flex panel installed with manufacturer IP module. Open an account with Selfmon for minimum of £1 per month, the I'd get a fairly immediate SMS + email notification when my alarm activates. Plus monitoring of the connection between my panel and Selfmon, with SMS and email if connection fails? Assuming everything is okay my end, what is the reliability of the Selfmon service please? Cheers, Richard
  3. There are a few reviews on ITunes asking when this feature will arrive, so suspect it might not be currently in place. I would probably rule the system out based on this. It would be good to know for definite and also if it is in the pipeline. Cheers, Richard
  4. Thanks for the feedback mate
  5. Hi all, I'm looking to have an alarm fitted in my 4 bed house and doing some research prior to getting some more quotes in. Smartphone connectivity with a good app/push notifications is high on my priority list. The first quotation I have is for a Pyronix - mix of hard wired and wireless detectors. I like the company but I don't like the aesthetics of the panel/keypad configuration offered. I do really like the look of the Galaxy with Mk 8 keypad, but I can't find any detailed reviews on google about the GX app. Also it looks like there are other third par
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