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  1. the other side is the size of the back box ,the one to suit my camera is DS-1280ZJ-M,it really is big
  2. looks like the ip box is the cheapest cant believe the price of the camera base boxes
  3. thanks james can you buy the deep base seperate for dome cameras and what is an ip box? thanks
  4. just putting a camera halfway down wall but how do you hide the connectors,there isnt enough room behind the dome camera
  5. tried the thicker type wire and all ok now thanks guys
  6. the ptz protocol setting is set to hickvision-C(coaxitron) if that helps
  7. thanks but different protocol settings ??
  8. hi all just installed a new camera(DS-2CE56D7T-IT3Z )hickvision motorized , which has just a zoom and focus option,im using it with the 7208 hickvision turbo dvr,i can get the zoom and focus to work ok with the switch that is on the camera,but when I use it through the ptz controls via the dvr once I press + or - zoom or + or - focus the camera just constantly does whatever I pressed even when I release the button and I have to disconnect the power to the camera to stop it,am I missing a setting somewhere thanks
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