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  1. Hi need some help , I've got a Euro mini board with the sounder connected to the Pgm output for engineer access. i needed a wireless zone and I had a couple of inputs free so I added a UR 2-WE universal receiver and programmed an input as an output xpgm 4 but can't get it to work do the xpgm outputs differ to the Pgm output thanks for any help
  2. Thanks for replys so far No only have 1 spare input but need to add 2 sensors
  3. Hi Looking to add some extra zones to a castle care euro mini 10 panel , and the UR2-WE seems a easier option ,but not used one before . It has 2 outputs each capable of 10 detectors or contacts etc will it be possible to set different detectors to entry route ,or intruder etc or what ever you set one to there all the same on that output effectively giving you 1 zone with 10 detectors on it thanks
  4. Hi can someone advise me , should the tamper switch in the sounder be disabled when the panel is in engineering mode thanks
  5. Hi Just wondered why in alarm world it always seems to be mainly switched negative no positive Thanks
  6. Second keypad won't let me address i can't get into keypad menu , doubled checked all connections keypad backlight is on just blank no text
  7. I installed system with one keypad originally address 00 they wanted second keypad so powered down panel added keypad , powered back up alarm sounded entered code into first keypad wouldn't do anything , new keypad was blank and wouldn't let me enter address
  8. Hi Added a extra keypad to a euro mini panel , powered panel back up alarm sounded , entered code into original keypad wouldn't silence alarm Thanks for any comments
  9. I have to get across a doorway can't go under floor is it best just to tack them close to the door strip Thanks
  10. Hi The only place I can mount a pir in a lounge is above a radiator if I use a twintec will this reduce the possibility of false alarms Thanks
  11. Thanks what hybrid system do you recommend ?
  12. Is it just triggered from the sounder
  13. Hi all Can you tell me if this panel accepts a speech dialler Thanks
  14. Hi Can anyone give me there thoughts on the G4 panels Thanks
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