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  1. It's definitely a switch, and no it goes from switch to the back of the DVR.
  2. Hi, Recently looked at a PTZ which was wired to a switch in cat5 (both terminated rj45 at the switch and in the camera) and it then had a cat5 patch lead from the switch to the dvr which brought it into the system and its own seperate local supply wired into terminals in the PTZ, is there a name for this as i havent come across it before, its not HD its an ancient system which presumably was cutting edge on install because the quality is much better than most of its age! I cant remember the name of the dvr manufacturer but its old american pc based. Any ideas or previous experience with this sort of PTZ? Basically want to know if I upgrade to an HD IP PTZ and upgrade the switch to a PoE switch will it come on the ancient dvr or any potential issues? Many Thanks Dan
  3. IPS Fire & Security 53 Rugby Road Worthing West Sussex BN11 5NB 0845 555 6 999 SSAIB Approved Installer Free No Obligation Quotes Intruder Alarms Fire Alarms CCTV Access Control Emergency Lighting Fire Extinguishers Nurse Call Lone Worker Alarms http://www.ips-security.co.uk http://www.ips-facilities.co.uk
  4. No worries! just being careful how I answer (professionalism and what not...bore!) send them my way! Thanks Dan
  5. Suspect all you like - we have engineers of different levels of abilities - regardless of ex-employee's im here to source good subcontractors and an extra engineer. Regards Dan
  6. I can't discuss stuff like that full stop, let alone a public forum! sorry Peter. Will apply once my posts are high enough!
  7. Hi Norman, I will do! how do i apply? Regards Dan
  8. Hi, My names Dan from IPS Fire & Security (South East England - covering Southampton to Dover and Brighton to Watford) I'm currently looking to hire an extra fire & security engineer - (multi discipline preferred, but we would train a single discipline engineer to become multi) and i'm also looking for subcontractors (multi discipline) all over the south. We're an SSAIB accredited company, and have been established over 10 years with a great team attitude. I'll be posting in here more regularly! Thanks Dan
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