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  1. Work around for different part set times/modes is to create area suits gets complicated but works make up stairs area b dog area c rest of house a full set all areas part set dogs area a and b night set area a with dogs downstairs with dogs up stairs areas a and c set The setting modes and times are set in area suits don't forget to set the areas to the keypads and the user authority to the areas
  2. The pyronix castle group should cover most eventualities tech support very good also
  3. Thanks every body I have all the info I need toenee
  4. thanks for the reply I did not intend to move or reconect any of bt's cables only the ones from the plug in part of the bt master socket the other master sockets would be fitted by me I'm often asked to clean up/hide telephone cables for customers but alway connect in to the plug in part of the nt5 socket
  5. Hi alan what sort of problems do the new phones have when they are connected by master socket and not secondary I thought they got the bell voltage from master socket The reason I ask is that I have had problems with some Dect phones being very quiet not bt ones but the smooth looking ones! you see all that glistens is not gold Do you know any problems with putting all the signals down one back bone cable?
  6. Is there any disadvantage of using master sockets instead of secondary sockets apart from cost. I have a 2 pair cable that I would like to put two lines down this would normally be done with 2, 2 pair cables but to run another cable would be very difficult I would connect to the two bt sockets and then use master sockets at the other end of the cable. Also are you allowed to run pbx cables and bt cables from there master socket down a multi pair backbone cable. does this make sence?
  7. This may seem simple but you did have the polarity correct we have used cheap ones in the past they seem to work as well as coax but with out the earth problems a little pointer here if you use nvt gear some of it wouldn't work on dvr's the picture was b/w it was designed for American tv standards it worked on tape video mactines?
  8. what ever detector you go for here are a few pointers: It must detect an intruder firm case so that it won't distort when its mounted in a wonky corner big lens so that a spider on the front of the lens won't Cross too many zones Seal all holes ie screw and cable with rs non corrosive silicon sealant on board filtering ie pulse count or whatever they decide to call it but do remember the first point above if all else fails use pyronix tmd 15 in tri mode they are good but big and ugly
  9. I was wondering the same our lcd colour test monitor is the pits for focus so end up lugging an old 6" battery tv with video inputs around not the best but you can watch tv on tea breaks
  10. we had an insurance requirement that the strobe cut of with the bell on unconfirmed think it was Norwich union it seems good idea the more you think about it
  11. The manufacturer should have included the correct mounting instructions for the installation of double reed switches. Its about time that the security industry started fitting door switches that detect an extraneous magnetic field in close proximity. The manufacture did have a slip of paper in with them it said "align green band to green band" that did not work mind you it also said use a combination of cable colours to get the gardiner tech resistor combinations this was wrong and the correct ones given after a telephone call no advice given about the alignment though We are a small company and get well p****d with faulty gear or instructions we waste a lot of time on fault finding on new gear and don't see why we should be a proving ground
  12. Thanks everyone all the info I need
  13. Thanks jp so what do you fit for grade 3 system I have a system to do and are fitting surface tampered contacts which say they will comply with grade 3 systems if its not standard till october how can an insurance company ask for a grade 3 sytem? I worry about these things and Im just a grunt
  14. Hi my previouse post on door contacts got no replys so can I ask what make of grade 3 door contacts do you fit thanks Toenee
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